Sunday, July 26, 2009


Not really. Its no surprise to anyone, even those outside the weather community that this summer has been cool. According to our local NWS this is indeed the coolest July period on record based on average temperature.

With an average temperature of just 68.8 degrees this year ranks #1. THAT. SUCKS. With it comes a lack of good summer storms around here. We've had storms by definition but they've mostly been thundershowers with weak thunder and no impressive lightning. Summer storms keep me sane, I dont expect to chase this time of year, but I at least like to lay in bed or attempt lightning photos from my bedroom window every now and then when a good storm rolls through.

August statistically is our wettest month, and some of our strongest storms have occurred during that month, especially the last 2 years when we got slammed by an impressive derecho both years. I am holding hopes for a repeat in 2009 but history tells us that most summers this cool dont reverse the trend in August. We'll see though.

I went on my first July chase a couple days ago, I would get funny looks from people when I told them Ive chased in January and February but not July...that changed yesterday. I underestimated the setup and thus chose to work so I missed out on what could have been an awesome hail chase, but oh well. It was nice to at least get out there again.

Maybe well have an active fall??? Who knows...