Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back to the Full Time.

Work schedule that is...

There is nothing I want more in my life than to be able to chase freely and whenever I want to while being able to afford a comfortable living for myself. Doesn't seem like much to ask out of life but apparently it is. I have always admired people that chased their dreams as opposed to just simply conforming, and try to live by example, but it is tough. I have myself to blame for some of it.

Very few chasers know my actual life story and the burdens of my past. These burdens still haunt me in the present in the form of great debt. A debt which has made it harder to get the life I want as I struggle to rid myself of it all. That is the main reason for this decision.

I came close to achieving it back in 2009, more than half of it was wiped out and things were going swell. But then life had other plans, my van exploded and I was forced to purchase a new vehicle, then I lost my job a few months later [great timing HUH?!] Since then I took the time off to experience the chase freedom I've always wanted. I had some money saved up, and there was unemployment. Yes, I collected it for awhile and chased. Think less of me for it? Fuck you. I deserved it.

That time was short though, but in that time I realized what I truly want out of life. I was making big bucks back in the day, but was miserable at my job. Being able to chase freely is the most amazing thing in life, but struggling to pay off debt isn't. It's clear now what I have to do.

It is damn near impossible to make a decent income from chasing. Especially in my position. No money to start, living far away from the alley. I don't have a rich family supporting my passion. I've had to purchase my way in with mostly bottom of line, shitty equipment that breaks down allot. My competition is spoiled rich kids with fat allowances that can load up on the latest and greatest technology and simply smoke my ass. I have no trust funds or large sums of money coming my way to secure my life. Fair enough.

So, what does one do? You need money to chase. If you dont have people paying your way through life, you must work for money. If you work, you can't chase. When I say you can't chase, I mean "I can't chase as much as I want to." Some people work because they want big paychecks to buy a big house a big boat, have 7 cars and a bunch of ridiculous stuff to which they can use to validate their own perspective on what it means to be successful.

Not me, I will work to support what I love doing. Even if it means living in a small trailer or apartment on a 25K a year income. If I can chase, my life is complete. So that is where I stand today. I've taken a job with  Deck Staining company working full time. The pay isn't as great as I was hoping initially, but it will be enough to get me back on track, to hopefully wipe out my truck payments along with credit debt.

In a year they tell me I can be my own boss, with my own schedule and can chase whenever I want along with a good income to boot and that is the reason they hired me. They want me in that position, not doing the labor/field work I am going to be doing this year, but its something I have to do while I learn the business.

Plus, I may be gloom and dooming my situation more than I need to. The guy who hired me is understanding of what I want to do, and told me if there is a system I can't miss and want to chase they will work with me. It seems like a good fit. They understand my passion, and seem to be a company based on "you get my back, I got yours" and I like that. I've turned down better paying jobs when they've told me "yea, you get 1 to 2 weeks off a year thats it, chasing won't work and you have to make a choice"

Well I've made my choice...I will never give up the dream. I will make it work, and while my 2012 season may have taken a hit. I refuse to let my life and my dream suffer the same fate. I don't care what work I have to do to make this happen. It will happen. Work is just Not life.