Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My friend said it best the other day "I am the busiest jobless man in the world."

Its true, between searching for work and chasing I am as booked as booked can be.

That being said, it looks like things are about to start getting active again. I could be chasing as early as Friday somewhere near Ohio. If I didn't own my summer trailer so close to the target area I probably wouldn't consider such a chase...but logistically for me it would be a cheap chase...and ya never know. There is also an opportunity to be one of few chasers on any given event, something I long for these days. Now that it is May and the hordes are out in full will be painfully difficult to find any sort of ambience with any given plains chase.

Furthermore, the competition for sales is tough, Ive been getting skunked by those I consider enemies as well as those I consider friends. So it has been a bit frustrating for me considering I NEED the extra income where as many others don't, but alas...we're all in it for the same things.

I am having a record year though so I can hardly complain, if things keep on track I can release my first DVD by the end of the year!

Recent chase logs have been posted to the site, if you don't know it by now then shame on you! I don't have too much time to get into a detailed forecast, time only allows for me to make it for myself. Its too much effort to save, upload and link pictures right now.

Things are busy and with luck Ill be seeing some BIG ASS TORNADOES next week!