Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Allow me to bitch for a moment.

I love to talk weather. Everything and anything. I dont care when or where. This includes things I see when I check longer range models.

One thing I cannot stand though - is everytime I point something out I get some smartass know it all saying "haha why are you even looking that far out, dont you know it cant be trusted?" On Facebook, storm track, spotter chat...wherever.

Of course I know that you twat. The mere fact I am *somewhat* model savvy means I ALREADY KNOW THIS. You dont need to step on your high horse and shoot me down.

I point these things out in hopes someone will chime in with their thoughts and input - but I guess in the world of SPC leeches who want it all layed out nice and easy for them thats too much to ask.

Perhaps Im a bit more fascinated with watching how models perform and how the patterns evolve from run to run. To see what shows up far out and what actually happens. Maybe others just want to be told the good stuff the easy way without having to put some thought into it...but I guess thats not me.

Comparing and contrasting has helped me learn.

My train of thought just got de-railed by a smoking hot girl that just walked by so Ill get to the point.

The next time I point something out on a long range run, save yourself the keystrokes and dont point that out to me...of course I realize by me typing this blog Ive now opened myself up to a world of sarcastic replies in which said poster will be like "har har y r u looking that far out tee hee har har *snort*"...but thats just how the world works.

*gets off soap box and grabs a beer*

*make that 2 beers*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Damn me and my big mouth

Spoke too soon.

I just had to mention I see signs of hope because the last series of runs since then have all shown the same crap. East coast trough with polar airmass trying to invade the midwest. 2009 = FTL

Oh well, at least my White Sox just won despite a horrible call by an umpire which could have cost them the game.

29 days without a storm here and counting...


Monday, September 14, 2009



Lately I have been really unmotivated to get anything done in regards to all my weather related "obligations." There is allot to do but a combination of factors has had me in lazy mode lately...typing this blog is an attempt to snap me out of it.

The biggest factor would be the lack of weather around here...seriously. We've been locked in High pressure patterns before but this is damn ridiculous. We're going to shatter an old record here in Chicago in regards to consecutive days with easterly flow. Old record being 15 and if current forecasts verify it will be 22! We are 2 weeks into September and there has been a pathetic .03" of rain....let alone storms, its been since Aug 19th! So with no interesting weather to talk about, activity drops. Its not just here but nationwide. Other than flooding rains in TX all is pretty quiet.

The other is I'm preparing for the big life change that is ahead of me. In 16 days I will be released from my prison of the past 5 years. The biggest burden to my life and my chasing will be lifted off my shoulders. All is not song and dance though, Im not foolish, I still know I will have to find a way to cover my responsibilities, but Ive got a few things lined up and some ideas, those plus unemployment should keep me secure for the time being, so right now I'm not too worried.

One thing I have started doing again is checking model runs day after day for signs of some fall chasing. The latest GFS runs have begun to show some hope towards the end of the period. Nothing that screams tornado outbreak yet but the past few runs have begun to place troughiness and SW flow where it should be. So its time to start paying attention. Of course though, the end of the period would be Sept 28th - Oct 4th which is the ONE WEEK out of the next year I do not want an active pattern. Sept 30th is my last day of work [cant miss that!] and the following 4 days I'm supposed to go camping with friends to reconnect with the outdoors.

Image Hosted by
By adumbftw

Something to keep an eye on there! I would very much like a pattern change as I'm sure we all would! Fingers crossed.

Much more to talk about but I will save that for another update. I have to try and write more often too, I've neglected the frequent updates which is something I hate because I end up trying to cram everything into one and then I end up typing a novel - which noone wants to really read.