Monday, October 11, 2010

Ugh, and it continues.

This image of Grandpa Simpson will become all too familiar unless this damn pattern changes.

At least this year, unlike last year its been warm and sunny instead of chilly and cloudy with thunder-less drizzle. Currently the Chicago area is in the middle of an unusual stretch of 80 degree weather that began on Friday [even though the official site at Ohare only made it to 79 all the surrounding areas including the lakefront were 80 and above.] So at least I have been able to get out and enjoy some late season fishing and camping type activities.

Midway Airport set a new record high of 87 degrees on Saturday beating the old record of 86. So this is exceptionally warm weather. Still though, the thought that I may not see any more storms or severe weather until next March is one that irks me. We've had some awesome October severe weather outbreaks around here in 05, 06, 07 and some decent storms in 08...but '09 and so far '10 have been lamer than the lamest of lames. I have a lightning time lapse project I want to finish but I need some storms to get the shots I need first. The last time we had storms here, of course, I had a pre planned business meeting. Oh mother nature, I hate you sometimes.

GFS has been trying to barf up a system around the 17-18th but the latest runs keep wobbling back and forth between a bannana low system and a low that marches up the OH valley putting us on the cold side by only 20 miles. Figures.

So for now, enjoy the nice warm weather!

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