Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fire Photo That Will Not Die.

Those of you who are my friend on facebook know about the eternal flame photo. This past weekend I went camping with friends, nothing unusual there. I snapped a pic of the campfire and uploaded it to facebook, nothing unusual there either. In fact, if you browse my mobile uploads album you'll see more than one instance of this [most recently on my Birthday while visiting Jon Williamson in WI.] Somehow the photo is stuck in a weird loop and auto posts every 4-5 hours.

I've done everything on my end I can think of to make it stop. I deleted the photo out of my phone, deleted my message boxes, upload folders, restarted the phone, took out the sim card, deleted the original facebook post but alas, just like Old Faithful, every 4-5 hours it appears again. I don't have a smart phone so there is no facebook app to try and jigger settings on.

So I decided to have some fun with it since people seem amused by it, and used it as a way to promote my DVD I am working on by offering people free copies if they were the first to comment stupid random sayings I made up. I'm generally a go with the flow type of person, never take things too seriously and will roll with the punches. I've even gotten about a dozen friend requests since the wacky incident started. The parody photos and videos have been hilarious, and offer a nice distraction from life's stresses. Ill probably collect and save them all somewhere at some point.

Some of you think I am doing it on purpose...rest assured that even if I were clever enough to come up with the scheme on my own, I am definitely too lazy to make sure I am on facebook every 4 hours to post it. Contrary to popular belief I do sleep and work...sometimes ;)

Alas though, there are those out there who value the content of their facebook feeds like a first born child, and apparently having to take an extra second to scroll past it is a huge burden on their life so I will be contacting facebook [if thats even possible] about it to see if they can stop it.

Though it will one day be extinguished, it will never truly die!

In other news, the progress I am making on my DVD has been great, much faster than I expected. I am ashamed of myself for waiting so long, as I am having trouble cramming 4 years worth of content into one DVD, but once I got rolling with the project my focus really ramped up and I've gotten really into it. When I first started it I gave an estimated release date of December 1st thinking my lazy ass would have all sorts of road blocks, but at the rate I am going I don't see a reason it won't be done in the next two weeks, so stay tuned for more announcements regarding that!

I plan to promote it to the point people will get sick of hearing the word noob, but if the word association sticks [for better or worse] and keeps me in people's heads, I will deem my unintended marketing campaign a success.

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