Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Why I Will Still Call Myself A Storm Chaser.

Storm chasing, like everything else in the world we live in, continues to evolve. New trends emerge, old ones die. Lately a new trend I've noticed is people suddenly "un-labeling" themselves as a storm chaser. So, that begs the question...were you ever one to begin with? Or did you simply just partake in the activity of chasing storms to go along with some alterior motive you care about more. I've always said chasing a storm doesnt make you a storm chaser and I stand by it. I play baseball sometimes with family/friends. I sure as hell aint a baseball player.

The reasons for this are the suposed dispicable acts of the growing number of fellow chasers. The funny thing about that is most of this stuff can be avoided. The last few chases I have seen more posts on my feed about convergences than the storms. I can't think of an issue easier to avoid than that. Stop putting fuel economy first and actually chase in a vehicle that can take you away from the crowds if it bothers you so much. Until then, STFU. Stop chasing in May in the same targets as everyone else if it bothers you that much, until then, STFU.

I dont care what others do, and neither should you. Its a free country. It only matters to me if you get in my personal way. In which case I will flatten you. Storm Chasing is what I love, my life revolves around it and nothing anyone can do can take that away from me for as long as I am alive and able to chase, when I am not able to, life can pull the plug. I will forever self label myself as a Storm Chaser...and Im damn proud of it. Its what Ive always wanted since I was a child, and (for the most part) I got it.

I always find it funny how the ones who bitch the most about chasing and what others are doing, are the ones chasing the least. As I've said many times before, STFU....and chase.

God 2014 has been a craptastic season, this is not what I should be blogging about...oh well.


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