Monday, May 25, 2015

Odd Season

Its been a pretty odd chase season. It started off incredibly slow, breaking records in fact. The gulf coast and dixie alley seemingly got skipped altogether (good, they needed a break, and chasing down there sucks anyways.)

Then an El Nino pattern developed, and May suddenly has gone bonkers, but basically in the same spot every day, unlike 2011 which was country-wide chaos. Most of this years tornadoes have been HP and difficult to see unless you were willing to give up your windshield (I paid for 2 replacements this year)

There have been a few photogenic treats mixed in, most noteable in KS on May 6th, a day that was way under-forecast. A day I unfortunately could not chase. Then you have the rainbow-nado in CO a few days later...thats a year maker for those who were there. We had Elmer on May 16th, which is my year maker...and since then, just about every day has seen more low contrast non-wall hanger HPnadoes in the same spot over and over again.

I had to return home for normal life. I envy those who have found a way to chase everything, have money, and not be bound by work. I need to achieve that in my life...some how...some way. 
I have decent flexibility, but clearly not enough yet. Im beginning to think its time to just flat out tell my company "I can't work for you in the spring anymore" and see what the response is.

Now it looks like the jet is about to make its leap to the north. What will June bring? I have no idea. I hope for at least 1 more Elmer-type day. I need at least 2 more Elmer days to consider a new DVD at the end of this year.

Perhaps I should have chased this weekend? Eh...I'm 50/50 on that. Nothing Ive seen has made me jealous...and assuming I was on those storms while I was out there, Im not sure I would have been personally satisfied. Oh sure, a nighttime wedge is awesome to see in person, but like the best structure in the world, Im not upset to miss it. Afterall, I dont get my amazing DVD shots from that. Maybe I need to lower my standards and learn to be happy with less? Or is this a defense mechanism I've created for myself because my life still wont allow me to chase everything? Whatever the reason, its saving me from the looney bin right now.

Overall though I can't complain. There haven't been many blue sky busts this year, unlike years past. Almost all the chases featured intense supercells with good structure and at least hail. 2012 and 2014 were still dismal at this point. 2013 had turned itself around in a big way at this point last year. Its not even fair to compare any recent season to 2010 or 2011...those 2 years rose the bar high when it comes to chase seasons. 
I've had a good year so far, the main struggle has been finding a way to be out there for all these marginal events that keep producing. Oh well, cheers to hopefully an awesome June for us all!


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