Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ok now 13th, 15th and 16th?

OK Tuesday is beginning to look like a sun tan cap bust. Talk about a stout ass cap. Damn. Hate to see setups ruined that way. If it breaks though the rewards may be significant. Right now I wont gamble on it but Ive said that before only to be lured out last minute.

For now I will focus on Wednesday which looks like my home turf has its first real shot at an outbreak this year. The thought of not having to drive 12hrs to the target zone and sacrifice two days off for a good chase setup is turning me on in a way haha.

If Tuesday is a cap bust we might not see crapvection get in the way of things, as often is the case around here. All other ingredients look to be in place. Central Il has some excellent chasing terrain. I think IL would be the best state to chase in terrain wise...we just lack storms.

After Wednesday models are showing something for the plains again on friday so Ive already got that back in my mind. The action would then shift into my region again for the weekend. All in all there are some things Im looking forward too this week.

After this though, models have been consistent with showing a west coast ridge...BAH!!! This will put a huge damper on the remaining season so I need to get out there and bag my tornado now, the season can come to a screeching halt then, and it will sting less. I need one grand prize to remember the year by.

Although even if the ridge does setup, that will keep the chances for a NW flow event around here. There will be smaller setups to play with for sure, but id rather have a big classic May outbreak than a small localized "maybe" type setup anyday.

Just gotta take it 1 day at a time right now. It aint over till its over I always say.

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Timothy said...

The system for Tuesday-Wednesday sure has a lot of jet energy and a nice deep low going for it. Very deep upper trough as well.. I think down around your area could see some good action on Wednesday and possibly the Plains on Tuesday.