Sunday, October 18, 2009

Denver Balloon Boy and Storm Chasers

When I got word of the whole balloon boy incident I thought the whole thing was a hoax. Turns out that might be legit. Also once I learned the builder was a "storm chaser" I knew all the bullshit would start about chasers and their reputations. I wont even get into the debate about it. I never even heard of Richard Heene until then. I remember a thread on ST about a storm chasing episode of wife swap a while back...but I don't watch that crap, chasing related or not.

Regardless, I am not worried about my reputation being ruined and I wish others would stop. If people DO judge, and there always will be some that do...oh well. Maybe an increasingly negative Image will keep the whords of uneducated wanna-bes from spending their allowance on a new I-phone to go out chasing with.

In the end, I chase when where and how I want and could care less what someone thinks about it. I tend to have a zero tolerance for human ignorance, so if someone presents themselves as an uneducated, biased, cynical member of the public with snark remarks it just makes it that much easier for me to ignore them and continue on my way. I think allot of chasers need to stop worrying about this...or maybe I need to start caring what people think of me? Nah.

Enough about that though. Storm Chasers starts tonight. Im pretty sure the first episode will be about the Roll, OK tornadoes from April 26th of this year. That episode will hurt to watch as it will remind me of missing those very same tornadoes by only a couple of minutes. If you want to know why go to my site and read the chase log. Basically it came down to too many chasers in one car and conflicting opinions.

Speaking of my site. Ive begun to go back to the old chase logs and clean them up. Back in the day all I used to document chases was my Myspace blog so they're written poorly and have a ton of swearing and internet slang in there. When I launched my site earlier this year I just copied them over. They need to be fixed. 2006 is done and now 2007 is next.

Looking at the longer range GFS and seeing the same damn thing - highly amplified west coast ridge and east coast trough is finally beginning to kill my optimism that there will be at least one more chase in this crappy 2009 year. Oh well.

Oh well, time to order the pizza and get ready to head to Dannys house where Im sure we'll have an amusing time drowning our sorrows and bitching about the busted Roll day.

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