Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Winter.

Well, the week of spring-like weather comes to an end. I was hoping for some rogue thunder to be mixed in with the recent monsoon rains but alas, it looks like some of 2009 is spilling over into 2010 with the bulk of the lightning activity being downstate.

Ive been working allot on my site as well as the site I will be launching [hopefully] before chasercon along with several other IL chasers. That site is called - our goal is to launch before chasercon but we've been slow to actually build it up. I think we're starting to crunch it though, I guess people just work better under pressure.

This is the hardest part of winter, I've gotten a taste of spring and now I want it badly. First I must endure another blast of winter which is arriving as I type this. GFS doesn't show anything interesting into the first week of February, so I guess on the plus side I can continue truckin' away at the many projects I'm working on.

For those who have recently stumbled onto this blog feel free to check out my website

Not much else to say - boring weather means a boring blog!

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Andrew Pritchard said...

Definitely ready for the great Illinois thaw...