Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010: Thats Most of What She Wrote!!


Its hard to comprehend it all, but I finally hung the towel on chase season 2010. With the events of the last few days I can say the jet has finally migrated to its summer position and we have transitioned into MCS season. It did so in a blaze of glory that had my region stuck on the edge of the "ring of fire" pattern for nearly 2 weeks.

The preliminary stats are:

Chases: 26
Tornadoes: 32!!!
Largest Hail: 2.75" [baseball]
Highest wind: close to 100mph
Miles: not sure, but rough estimate would be close to 20,000!

I chased 3 states for the first time: WY, OH and MN.

I saw not one, but 2 EF-4 tornadoes which are the strongest I have seen in my 6 year career

Until this year I never had a day with more than 2 tornadoes. This year I had one day with 6, one day with 9, and one day with 8!

I made my first ENG sale to CBS and FOX news.

I got into the most intense situation of my life, one that will follow me around for awhile in the chase community [the infamous SD field incident.]

My first DVD productions are in the making.

Yea, Its safe to say that this season has completely blown away every other season. I mean, its sick, other seasons don't even come close to 2010. I did have some major fails though, May 19th and May 24th rank as the biggest, both of those days we missed major tornadoes from bad decision making, however I am thankful for each fail because with each fail comes a lesson learned, and it helps keep my expectations of chasing within reality.

I have so much content to go through, so many projects to work on and updates to my site to make. During the season I largely focused on getting the chase logs up. There is much more to my site than chase logs though, and I will be busy with the insane amount of content for months to come.

Chasing is not completely over with either, don't get me wrong. We have transitioned into MCS season and I will not make regular trips to go intercept those. I tend to average one chase a month from July through October, so if I see something I think will be more than just a bowing MCS I will of course make a run for it. I might even chase a major hurricane too. Living in the midwest the season never really ends, but from this point it will definitely come to is yearly slow down. I will be a little more reserved about when I go out and chase.

Peak is over, summer is here, and I have no complaints!

Much more to come in the future.


Mike said...

Fucking awesome dude. a dream come true season. cant wait to see all the footage ancd pics.

Dann Cianca said...

Congrats on a great year, man!