Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boring Winter

Winter 2010-11 has been pretty boring around here. The most exciting weather was obviously on Dec 31st when we were treated to some pretty loud thunderstorms and [for me] a failed chase, which was my first ever in the month of December. If somehow you haven't seen the log you can check it out here:

Other than that though, there hasn't been anything really interesting. We are running above normal for snowfall though, but rather than coming in as one or 2 massive snowfalls its been a constant series of 2-4" mini snows that just add up. I guess its good for my newly acquired job doing snow removal, since the minimum amount needed for us to go out and work is 2 inches, so Ive gotten 5 days of minimal snow removal work with good pay at least.

But other than that there hasn't been much weather of interest to talk about and I have had no really interesting photo opportunities for winter weather. 2 inches of snow on a city neighborhood really isn't that exciting...and Im not that much of a photog where I will make daily or weekly adventures to go find a dilapidated barn in a field or anything like that.

Some big events coming up though. The yearly Denver gathering, then the MN convention the following weekend. Plus, if we ever get into a dry pattern where I wont have to worry about having to go out to do snow removal for at least 4 days I plan to visit my brother in KY who is going to help me build my hail guards. He is a mechanical genius...I am not...and I know he will be able to come up with some crafty ways to make my idea for a design a reality.

Its crazy to think March is already less than 2 months away. Let the crunch begin!

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