Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WDT buys ChaserTV - Thoughts.

I couldn't fit this all onto a facebook status...

Since joining CTV last year I have been very pleased with their service. It has been everything I could ask for in a streaming company and yes, I have all around knowledge of the big 3. I even attempted to stream with TVN for the first year when they made me an offer, but that was a huge fail and I ended up quitting. Why? Well, thats a good campfire story.

Anyways, by now it is old news that WDT has now acquired CTV and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. It sucks that CTVs owners will no longer be a part of it as Scott and Steve are both great guys, but this is the way business works, it benefited them and it benefited the streamers and I feel was a good decision. The most important thing is the CTV brand will stay the same. The fact that Scott and Steve pushed for this and WDT was understanding an accepting shows they had us in mind. I can only hope this does not ever change.

I am mostly excited for the ad revenue potential, since shortly after quitting TVN they rolled out a pretty sweet deal with WDT that paid out quite nicely. I always thought to myself "Dammit, I wish I had a way to tap into that." Now I do. With gas going up, this will make chasing just a tad bit easier. Profitable? unlikely... easier? Yes. The added exposure is a great thing too. It looks like TVN streamers are already trembling knowing that some of the CTV guys are now in direct competition, sorry fellas, if you thought you could "DOMINATE" that easily, think again! =)

I am by no means trying to start a stream war, but Im already seeing some shit going around on facebook about how poor TVN is getting short handed now. OH WELL, thats how business works. There are plenty of talented and capable chasers out there other than the TVN boys. I do not feel sorry for TVN, its nothing personal [despite my miserable streaming experience] its just the way the world works. They have had a great run and lots of success [which I wont lie, I'm jealous of and would love to have that success level.] So for anyone to think they could float at the top so easily is foolish, its a competitive world. Chasing is no exception.

This couldn't have happened to a better company [CTV.] I am glad to see that for once an honest company and its supporters are being able to move ahead in the game. Lets face it people, chasing is becoming more popular each year, and this is where the future of it is heading. I for one am aggressive and will embrace and make the most out of it. To survive you need to adapt.

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