Thursday, March 24, 2011

First 2011 Chase in the Books

Finally was able to get out there. I wont recap the day too much, the log is up on the site. I don't know if I need to repeat anything here. If there are any blogger-only readers out there that would like me to link photos and site posts please let me know, otherwise I will just use this blog for what it is...a blog.

Anyways it felt great to be out there. I really missed chasing and was reminded as to how much I really do love it. When I stepped out of the truck in Nebraska City with 80 degree temps and brisk south winds with a huge storm going up in the western sky it hit me...this is why I am alive...this is what I live and breathe for. Everything else is trivial.

Eyeing a setup on Monday in Texas which scares me. Gas has hit 4.19 in Chicago which is just brutal. I won't let that stop me from chasing as long as I have the money but damn...4.19...REALLY?! This is going to be a really tough year as a result of this. Life is a catch 22, to have more chase money you need to work more but when you work more you cant chase. Talk about a tough situation to resolve. Im supposed to talk to my snow removal boss in April about summer work. If I am lucky he will be understanding of my chasing obsession and work with me. Id be willing to take un-paid time off as long as it meant I could do it whenever I wanted. Ha...I can dream can't I?

Chilly temps here in Chicago, gross. Only 31 degrees right now. After the spring tease of recent days it makes it that much harder to deal with. You hate to see this during a time of year when you know you could be getting severe weather instead. Cold and snow is ok in the winter....but its severe weather time now!



Mike said...

Great Post. Sitting in Nebraska City, NE seeing that storm come up from North Central Kansas sitting in 80 degrees, man what a great feeling missed. What a day it was!

Dann Cianca said...

I like seeing photos/video in the blog... tend to check up on blogs once a week, but I can't see everything on FB.