Monday, April 4, 2011

Does the "To Do" list never end?

Before I get started, I did have a good chase in Iowa yesterday. The cap broke early and storms were pretty despite not being tornado producers.

If you wish to see more on the day you can visit the chase log seen here:

Ever since I began chasing I have always done so with limited resources, at least compared to what others have out there. My laptop is old, my cameras is a POS. As a man who never had much money [and unfortunately isn't funded by rich parents] Ive had to slowly and painfully try and upgrade my arsenal a little bit at a time. It took my entire tax return to get an HD camera last year. This year that tax return simply went to the gas fund.

Sometimes I feel like it limits my ability to compete with all these rich kids out there just starting out with the latest and greatest technology simply because they can afford it, but at the same time I am glad I know I can survive and have success without out. Still though, it seems like my to do list to have a full chase setup is always growing, never ending, and before I can make the next upgrade, something breaks which requires an immediate fix and only further hinders my attempts to move ahead.

I need:

A new laptop [mine is 6yrs old and can barely handle running everything needed for chasing.]
A new machine at home [this one barely handles the HD video]
A DSLR camera [my 200 dollar point and shoot is a joke]
An actual wired setup [my cigarette plug inverter just crapped out on me in the last chase]
A cell amp
An external hard drive
A smart phone
*insert stuff I know I am forgetting here*

Things not related to chasing that I need to get before I can worry about the above:

A new rear window [long story]
A new set of tires
A shutter in my torque converter fixed.

On top of ridiculous gas prices. I am certainly stressing over the finances related to this season. Last year everything was great and somehow just completely fell apart over winter. Its been difficult trying to put the pieces back together. Sometimes I feel burnt out and feel like throwing in the towel. Something I love shouldn't come with this much stress should it?

And then I get out there like I did yesterday...and all the struggle is worth it. Even when there aren't tornadoes. Just beautiful storms to witness and experience. It really ramps up the motivation from within. This weekend is looking like it will have more chases, and I will be there!

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