Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Litchfield, Illinois Tornado

What a chase!

I will keep it short and sweet here, the detailed log can be seen at:

It was finally what I had been looking for as far as a tornado went this season. I know it is early but everything that has been dealt either seemed to be in bad terrain or after dark. Some amazing tornado was coming out from across the country and I was ripping my hair out because I was missing it due to a variety of factors but alas, today worked out well, and I got the shot that can make my year. It feels good, and only in April too!

In 2010 I didn't even bag my first tornadoes till April 22nd, so this year is ahead of pace!

Anyways, pic and youtube video link below!

I am a bit miffed by my crappy camerawork, which was due to a number of factors. It doesn't take away from the experience too much though, and will only motivate me to make sure I do better next time!


mnwxchaser said...

If you can't find one power line to get in your shot, find place where three come together I always say....LOL!!! Great catch bro!!!

Dann Cianca said...

Great catch! Congrats!