Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Towel Time?

Quite a thundery mess here in Chicago last night. A constant nearly 11 hour long assault of lightning from sub severe storms. I always say I love summer nighttime MCS season but wait a minute...

Its only June 9th...and I haven't chased once yet this month. I guess it was bound to happen, I have been talking up the first 10 days of June since I first started chasing as my favorite. Never before now have the first 10 days of June failed to give me a tornado, even in the dismal 2009 season I was able to nab a good prize during this time frame.

Even the upslope has been slow to do anything this year, leaving many gambling chasers disappointed. Looking ahead I see nothing worth chasing that catches my eye, some more meager setups which by now I have exhausted all my resources for a 1 day gamble out west. That is what typically happens though and at this point I am no longer desperate for a good tornado so with the funds nearing their depletion I can be a little more conservative about when I chase. Granted if I was better off I would chase everything no matter what, but that is not the case.

Its been a black and white year. April was bonkers. Then May was dismal until the 21st when the season roared back to a violent life through the 25th, and now the brakes have once again been slammed and a decent chase setup is hard to come by. Memorial days gustnado fest was fun, but not ideal for this time of year.

So, hopefully something will happen in the next 2 weeks, otherwise as much as I hate to say it...thats all she wrote for the 2011 chase season. Luckily living in the midwest the season never really ends, and a surprise summer event can spring up at anytime.

At least I've been able to wet the fishing lines lately...

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