Monday, February 27, 2012

Here We Gooooo!!!

Looks like the severe weather chasing season of 2012 is about to really kick off with a couple active systems of interest. One being this Tuesday with potential severe weather along the KS/NE border and another area in the southern MS river valley. Afterwards the EURO along with the GFS are showing an even more potent system around March 2nd.

As much as I would love to chase both systems I will probably sit out the first, and wait to see what the second holds. Not because I don't want to chase...but a last minute financial disaster may leave me sitting out some of these early season temptations so I can recover for better stuff later in the year. Obviously this is not my choice, but I need to be smart. Still though I am monitoring each system and if logistics can fall into place I will chase!

I kind of like the idea of blowing off some early season grunge and perhaps taking a stab at the late spring and summer setups instead. Those July and August storms, even when they don't produce tornadoes have some of the meanest, greenest, evil HP storm structure you can imagine. Give me one of those over some 20 foot LCL scuddy March grunge anyday! Plus fewer chasers venture to the N plains for the summer season, so that is a bonus. Regardless of what happens. I WILL GIT R DONE THIS YEAR!

I am almost ready to launch the new site. Its not perfect and I will need to continue tweeking it once its launched, but it will look and function pretty much how I want it to, so that is good enough. If I have to sit out the early season setups though I won't do so quietly, and will use the time to draw people into the Aerostorms world with my forecast and nowcast posts. I always got positive feedback from my ramblings on the Convective Addiction site, so I must continue to utilize my skill to my advantage. I've come too far to suddenly half ass things.

Its almost go time folks, start your engines!!

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