Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Previewing the New Site

The other day I made mention I was working with someone to help redo my site. Well here is a little preview of what he has slapped together so far.

So far so great. The site design is moving along faster than I had hoped. I just need to figure out how I want the rest of it laid out and once it gets put together and any remaining bugs worked out I can begin the daunting task of transferring all of the content from my current site over. The goal is to have this all completed by March 1st, the unofficial beginning of chase season.

This new site, as mentioned will be a more modern site that should appeal to the masses more. This, along with the new facebook page dedicated to it will hopefully help get the Aerostorms brand name out there and get it stuck in peoples' heads. I look forward to being able to quickly and easily make forecast posts and daily updates with the new template, and giving the visitors a chance to leave comments and interact on the site.

I already had such an outlet with the Convective Addiction site, but that site is a mess and noone is motivated to fix it. I wish everyone was enthused as they were when we first created it, because we really blew people out of the water our first year, and then half the members just decided they didn't really care anymore, that chasing suddenly wasn't cool or something. I've tried to keep it alive mostly by myself and with occasional help from Skip and Jesse, but if the day ever comes where it folds over I need to make sure I have my own solid thing going.

Some might be saying, why should any of this matter? Chase for yourself you attention whore etc etc etc. Well, maybe YOU want to work a 9 to 5, chase SOME of the time, and are ok with chasing being a convenience whenever other things in life allow you to do so. Not me though, chasing is what I want to be known for. Too many people are simply just born with the means to make themselves easily successful because its easy to start out when you have all the resources to simply just buy your way to the top. For people like me, who have try to make something out of nothing, you have to give 110% and build up something solid, or risk failing hard trying. My chasing isn't supported by a parents credit card, so I must build this up for myself. I have too much passion for this to simply just half ass it.

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Anonymous said...

The forecast discussions and case studies you guys have done through CA are among the best. Hope you don't let it go or at least find a way to repackage it so to be an easier format to manage.