Sunday, March 16, 2014

Finding My Place

Chasing has rapidly changed over the years. On the evolutionary scale you have the first breed of chasers, the old schoolers. They have the best instincts, can chase blind without the need of technology and run circles around everyone if they chose to do so, but they dont (lucky for the newcomers.)

Then you have the new breed, they spend more time keeping up to date with technology than they do actually learning about the science of meteorology. They come from rich families, own fancy cameras, expensive laptops, but couldnt chase their own tail into a wall if you pointed it out to them. They wouldnt survive 10 years ago, plain and simple.

The dividing line between the two groups might as well be the Grand Canyon. I can tell just by what I observe online. Veteran chaser status are only commented on/followed by other veterans, and likewise for the newcomers. The mixed involvement seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

And always, I find myself in the middle. Inside the grand canyon. Climbing up either way and falling back down. I came in at the tail end of the old generation, just as the transition towards the new generation was beginning to take shape. I hate technology and wish it would go away. I chased blind my first several years, but have since adapted to the ways of new in order to stay relevant. I loathe it, but I simply do it because its a necessary tool for success.

I can relate to both sides. I love the ways of old, and appreciate the ways of new. My whole live I never really had a best friend, or a main group of friends. Rather I spread myself across the vast network of various social groups and people (I think I just called myself a whore in a creative way,) creating a vast network of bar buddies, chase pals, hood rats, etc etc. The kind that are soon to forget me, the same as I am them. I move on quickly. Its never bitter and the friendships never end...its just those I move away from seem to gravitate to those who are more like them. I never understood the whole "clique" thing. I've always found those groups to be shallow and empty, despite the illusion of their close-knits bonds that have been threaded by mere similar opinions.

I've always been an introvert in that regards I guess. I get along with everyone, but I don't really identify with anyone. I am not hardcore conservative christian like those before me, but I am not a vegan humanist like those who follow me. I tred the middle line, dabbing in both sides...just like chasing.

Im happy being a general loner though. It seems to keep peoples expectations of me low. I just do my thing, meet people along the way. They stay as long as they want, get what they want, and move on. Or maybe its me who does that...I dunno.

Is there a storm coming yet?


Jeff Spencer said...

Everyone must follow their own path. This is the one you have chosen and it seems to suit you well.

Tony Castillo said...

Great Post Adam. Finding ones place can be a hard thing to do. I like being in the middle myself to be looking up than being on the sides looking down.

Ben Holcomb said...

You seem to do it well and are a favorite by most everyone. In terms of chasing we're a lot alike, although I'm more of a technology chaser than a veteran. Or maybe I just understand technology a little better. I definitely would be lost without technology out chasing, if not just for the GPS.

The best part overall is that you devote your life to chasing but can talk about things other than chasing and relate to most people with goofy ass shit. I wouldn't consider you a loner, but more just independent. Sign of a strong person haha

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