Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stats of a Slow Season

2014 may in fact be my slowest start to a storm chasing season ever. With each run of the GFS it looks increasingly likely March won't offer up a storm chase. Not the first time, other years I haven't chased in March were 2008 and 2013.

In each of those years, my first April chases were April 6th and April 10th respectively. So, theoretically 2014 needs to go to April 10th in order to rank it as the slowest personal start to a season ever....BUT...something interesting about 2013 and 2008 is that both of those years featured an Illinois chase in JANUARY, and 2008 had the notorious Super Tuesday outbreak in February that I chased. While not part of traditional chase season, the setups all included tornadic thunderstorms and do count as official chases for me.

So, going off that, plus the fact in all the other years I've had a March chase by now, its safe to say that 2014 is off to the slowest personal start of any chase season.

Not chasing February 20th was a huge blunder on my part. I almost did, I checked the RAP the night before and it showed the potential, but it was an outlier and I thought it was overdoing things like its been known to do. With no other model support, being climalogically unfavored, and me not having any of my gear ready I simply decided to ignore it. What I should have done was wake up early to monitor things in the morning but by the time I slothed out of bed at 1pm it was too late. That day stings.

So here we have it...the slowest start ever for me. I am bored, coming down with serious cabin fever. I need to be out there soon. Cmon 2014, get your shit together!!!!!