Thursday, December 4, 2008

Link to 2008 chase review

Because I have yet to figure out how to lay out this blog site the way I want it to where it wont chop off half my pictures, I posted my 2008 review on my myspace blog.

Link is here:

2008 was a good year. One that I can easily beat. As Ive mentioned before, I attribute allot of missed intercepts to pussy footing around storms rather than staying close or core punching a clearly outflow dominant storm to get to a better one quickly. This will change in 2009. My best moments and intercepts came from just diving in and core punching. Although for some reason this year I always found myself north of any storm I was going after, it would be different if I were approaching the storm from the south or east...but I always have a habit of putting myself to the north or west of any storm.

Eventually I want to join the chaser-DVD market. Probably wont happen for a couple years since all my equipment is bottom of the line and the quality in which i document is pretty crappy. If I am to be successful in this area, I need good, intense footage that will keep people interested. Not only of tornadoes, but hail and severe weather in general. Ill be honest, I love viewing tornadoes as much as any chaser or someone willing to spend 20+ bucks on a DVD...but even I will FFWD footage if its the same tornado going through a field for 10+ minutes. If it were in person I would never take my eyes off it...behind a screen is different though.

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