Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wettest year for Chicago ever?

Thanks to Danny for showing me how to make my pictures not get cut in half...that being said this page will likely get tweeked allot.

According to KLOT 2008 is about 2 inches away from being the wettest year on record for Chicago. It doesnt seem like it would be, but then I think back to the 10-12 inch deluge around sept 13th (pictured below is a GR3 shot i saved of doppler estimated rainfall from that event.)
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A good chunk [nearly 25%] of our yearly moisture came from this. We had allot of snowfall in the winter months, and other than june 7th and Aug 4th...there weren't a whole lot of local thunderstorms.

Looking at things right now, it looks like an active week is ahead precip wise, currently a 983mb low is churning over MT. Impressive. This system will dig down south and then quickly eject to the NE. Tomorrow [sunday] looks to be mild around here with lots of rain...kinda boring but Ill take the salt getting washed off my truck. After next week, zonal flow looks to return and things may quiet down a bit, but well see how that pans out.

The record could be in jeapordy though. Right now there are some 53dbz rains to our west moving in, and its been raining a good chunk of today. According to GR3 about .5 has fallen there so far, but with some heavy rains out to our west could easily put us over the 1 inch mark. I think 08 WILL become our wettest year on record.

So far winter 08-09 is pretty similar to 07-08. Something interesting considering how things turned out in the 1st half of 08. These patterns are definitely worth watching.

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