Friday, January 2, 2009

The 2009 Optimism Post

Well its the new year, and like many I am filled with optimism and eagerness. Im ready to take on the challenges, and experience some new adventures.

My approach in the field this year will be much more aggressive. 2008 was good, but like Ive mentioned many times, I believe I let others pussy foot me around the storms. Im an aggressive chaser...I will take the riskier move more often than not. Some say Im brave, others call me a stupid yahoo depending on what their view is...whatever your opinion is....its me and thats final. No pussy footing in 2009. Im gettin into that core, and im huggin the bears cage. There have been times where I fled because the danger was too high. Im not just a crazy person with a death wish. When I feel my life is in real danger, I will move. 2-5-08 near Turrel, AR and 5-23-08 in Ellis, KS are two examples of this.

I have 9 more days off this year than last. I will be able to get out to the plains more for those weekday outbreaks. I hate being that guy that only chases the weekend Moderate risks because thats when the entire whoards come out...but my location and work schedule makes it hard for me to have a different approach.

My dad and I are designing and building the hail guards for the new beast. I have a couple ideas in mind. First step is to take measurements and assess feasability. He needs to get permisson from his work to let us use the garage, that way we can be indoors, with light and warmth...and really take our time with it.

I would like to get a new video cam, since I hate working with mini-dvd...and since the HD revolution took off...thats all people want these days. Its low on the list though, depending on the tax return, I may wait another long as I can document, I need to take care of other means first before I spoil myself with unnecassary luxuries.

The latest rage has also been to stream live. As neat as it is I dont see myself jumping on that bandwagon anytime soon.

I hope to get enough better, more intense footage that will promptme to make my first DVD. My stuff from June 7th 2008 would be a wonderful bonus chapter to a 2009 DVD...i just gotta go out there and get the footage!

I hope to meet and chase with more of you in 2009. Many of you have extended your hand and welcomed me into the community and I thank you for it.

Cheers to the next season and lets hope it doesnt have as many HPs as 09 did.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff man! I hope to get to meet yas and chase with yas soon! I am also going to be a big more aggressive this year. With a La Nina Pattern looking soon on the horizon, the Polar jet is going to be charged up for sure so that will help up more northern folks out. With all of the warm, sultry air consistantly coming into the Southeast this winter thus far, that can only help us as well. There is a -NAO pattern taking shape at the moment, which doesn't help as much, but in time it may go away again and we can flirt with 70 degrees like we did a few Saturdays ago

Matt Fischer said...

just let me know when you get that garage, i'm more then happy to come and help and maybe work with a welding!