Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arctic Assault is Over

Well our major dose of winter has come to an end. It is a balmy 24 degrees outside. Ive always told people that temperatures are a relative feeling. 2 months ago everyone was griping and complaining when they heard temps would be in the 20s. Right now its a different story, people are praising the weather gods. I find the mentality amusing. It should put things into a new perspective for people.

We ended up bottoming out at -18 here in Chicago, the urban heat island effect likely protecting us. Sugar Grove, a suburb about 40 miles to our west bottomed out at -32 and an unofficial thermometer not too far from there recorded a reading of -36 which would tie the states all time lowest reading.

The lowest readings of -18 and windchills of -35 occurred just as I went to work Friday morning, and it was definitely the coldest air Ive ever felt. We havent had a day this cold in 13 years, and 13 years ago I was 13 and likely didn't leave the house. It actually hurt to breathe it in. So I have a new respect for those who live up north and deal with this much more frequently than we do.

A boring, seasonal pattern looks to be in store and we may see another cold surge by next weekend but overall it looks quiet. I want more snow as the growing snowpack around here looks neat.

Anyways, some pictures during the cold snap:

This is how we reserve parking in the city, side streets dont get plowed. It may look funny but its serious around here and people actually have gotten shot over their spaces
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I have my chair too, since the new beast wont fit in my garage
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Snow before the cold...were at I think 41 inches for the year [normal total for an entire year here are 36 so were WAY above average]
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This just LOOKS cold:
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An anvil in the snow...nature is teasing me...
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In my truck on the way to the movies Thursday night. It was -15 a moment before I took the picture. Aw well.
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On the front porch
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Interesting frost pattern on my window.
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Close up:
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Winter around here has been a brutal one thats for sure. Still working to get the beast ready for spring. Lots of work to do still. Got my W2 so im hoping the tax return can get me either a new laptop or an HD video camera. I need a whole bunch more, I have a crappy digi cam, busted laptop, a non-functional mini dvd camcorder, and stuff for the truck. WOO! Itll be tough but I think I can get it done.

Ive been so busy lately that I havent been able to teach myself more about forecasting which is usually what I do in winter. Luckily the chase cases on storm track are giving me an opportunity to excercise my brain.


Michael W. Moss said...

Dann Cianca said...

Nice shots man. The chairs made me laugh. After the Holiday 06 Blizzard here in Denver, my roomie and I spent all day clearing out the two spots in front of our house. The first day we could actually leave and go to work, we came back and the neighbors had parked in front of our house in the clear spots. I about lost it. haha

Beau Dodson said...

Oh my gosh - I would love to have that much snow. We are still at ZERO for the season! Enjoy your snow!!!

Timothy said...

Oh man you should've heard the T.V. weather forecasters here in Duluth this past Friday Night, just going on and on about how "warm" it's going to be, yet were stuck in the teens above zero! Yes it's tolerable now, but I was hoping to crack freezing, but I don't think that's gonna happen up here. Chicago has had just about as much snow as Duluth so far, I believe were sitting at 46"-47" for the season up here.