Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting Ready

For the brutal winter assault this week. Models have backed off on the severity of the cold blast in recent days, but it will still get pretty cold. We could still see a day [perhaps Thursday] where highs wont get above zero.

Not only will it be bitterly cold, but there could be at least 3 rounds of accumulating snow...each with the potential to add 2 or more inches to the snowpack here. Friday night and Saturday morning we picked up about 8 inches here near Midway Airport whereas Ohare reported 12.

Matt and I are spitting out ideas for the hail guards and came up with this preliminary design, none of the measurements are exact of course. I havent had a chance to take detailed measurements especially with this weather. I need a garagae and clean [as well as warm] conditions to work in.

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My original idea was similar only it doesnt involve the support coming from the running boards. It will be something to consider tho. I was thinking a dog cage would make for the inside. They seem pretty sturdy and if it lets quarters fall through its no big deal.

Just take that apart and make it fit. The side window protectors would likely be some sort of plexiglass or clear plastic. The challenge for the other windows is the fact we need to use the doors. So I will explore other options for sure. Once we get a design finalized and exact measurements...they can be put into autocad and then my dad and I can begin to cut and weld the steel.

Projects are under way, still waiting for some parts in the mail and I have some more things to order. All to be done by March 1st.

Stay warm everyone. I will post some pics of our growing snowpack and how far down the thermometer on my porch goes in the coming days.

Countdown till March: 48 days


Michael W. Moss said...

Yeah if any good news on this, the storms and subsequent cold blasts look to move out the of way in a fairly good pace. That's good cause I don't think I could take 2 weeks straight of something like this :(

Chad Cowan said...

I like the prototype, that should be able to stand grapefruits