Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Thats what things are around here lately. As much as Im not a fan of winterm its easier to get through when its interesting. It started off very active...but much like the storm season of 08 did after june 7th it has come to a screeching halt.

Although thats not true south of here, as parts of the OH valley and southern plains have been getting nuked by a pretty impressive winter storm. These areas have largely escaped the nasty winter weather so I guess it was time for something to swing down that way. We got barely clipped by the system and theres just a dusting out right now. We may add another dusting to that overnight but it looks like we dodged a bullet.

Models give me nothing to be excited about...the worst winter can be:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yea...cold. No storm systems either when I check other charts either.

Its not all bad though, without me being occupied so much by live conditions I can focus more on getting my gear ready. The cold however, is putting a big damper on me getting work on the truck done since I dont have a garage. So Im actually hoping for mid 30s this weekend to at least get some small things done. My grille guard [aka ram bars or cow guards] finally arrived!

My PC and laptop both had their hard drives crash, so Ill be ordering new ones and rebuilding those as well. Going to make some modifications to my inspeed anemometer too. I dont like it being so close to the roof, I think the airflow over the vehicle could throw off the measurements to I will be building a longer rod for it to raise it up a foot or so.

The severe season is off to a slow start too. By this time last year I had 1 chase under my belt..a local one too. There were already a few outbreaks by this time last year. One good thing though is...so far...there have been no early season tempations to lure me out and use days off work before the main season begins. Well see what February has to offer. The biggest outbreak of 2008 was Feb 5th...a day I chased. So anything can happen.

Stay warm everyone!

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