Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 10th or May 10th?

I keep forgetting its February...not only were our highs in the 60s today but there is a pretty significant outbreak of tornadoes and severe weather going on in OK and TX. Tornadoes touched down and did damage in Edmond, NW OKC and Admore to name a few. Sadly there are unconfirmed fatality reports. Looks like 09 will feature a significant, deadly, rare February outbreak....just like 08 did.

I regret not deciding to chase this setup, but there were many reasons. Danny Neal and I did an interview with a couple of college students who were doing a project about weather and pop culture. That went well. Ill be anxious to see their final product. Ive also been battling a nasty cough for the past couple days that keeps me up at night so Ive been sleeping allot more during the day. My equipment is not up to par yet, and my laptop [which just got fixed] crashed AGAIN! I think its time to part with it and just buy a new one.

Tomorrow I wont chase. I thought about taking a half day for some squall line fun, but based off recent model runs it looks like all the main threat will be over by noon. I guess one positive in all this is I still have my 28 days for spring. When there is more daylight and even better setups to be played.

Maybe some local thunderstorms to treat me tonight...then its back to winter. Today I got a true taste of spring....I cant wait for it to get here already.


Timothy said...

sleeping less at night and more during the day-lol, sounds like me..I have to do that though with my goofy work schedule, I guess I could just sleep 3-4 hours and stay up, but that probably wouldn't be a good thing-lol.. Bring on Spring! We had .71" of rain up here in Duluth the last two days, but there's still around 7" of snow on the ground

Michael W. Moss said...

Did you see Adam that they actually confirmed an EF1 Tornado near Muncie, IN? That was a surprise and it had to be one quick spinup between radar scans because no warnings went out on that part of the storm line at all!