Sunday, February 22, 2009

Official Aerostorms Site Coming Soon?


For a long time Ive wanted to get a REAL chase website up and running. Instead of using various blogger type sites such as this, myspace, imageshack and youtube to hold all my chase stuff it would be nice to have an official centralized location that people could get used to rather than me linking them all over the place. has a pretty sweet offer that only lasts till the end of this month so I have been tinkering around with the online site builder demo to see if I want to sign up. Im a dumbass and know almost nothing about building a fancy website using code and whatnot. So I wasnt planning on building a site this year, but with the offer Ive decided to see if its something I should jump on.

Heres what I slapped together in about an hour haha. You have my permission to laugh as well:

I dunno if the link will last or not. Its been a learning experience for me so far, but I think I can get the hang of it. Signing up looks likely just to get the deal, but as far as building and launching the site, that probably wont happen anytime soon especially with all my other projects Im scrambling to finish.

For the past 2 weeks Ive been really sick...all I would do is go to work, come home and sleep. I didn't go out for 2 weeks and didnt do anything around the house besides fill the garbage bags with used of course I fell way behind with everything Ive been trying to do.

Luckily the storm seasons off to a slow start compared to 08. By this time last year I had 2 chases logged. This year = none. Looking at the patterns ahead there is nothing to get excited about either. I guess Im glad since Im not prepared yet. Time to take advantage of mother natures laziness and speed up the crunch.

The two tornado "outbreaks" so far this month have both produced EF-4 tornadoes, and unfortunately, fatalities in each event. Perhaps this is the general trend 09 will take? Not as many outbreaks as 08, but the ones that DO happen will be significant yet localized events. 08 was exceptionally active so to expect another year like that is having the highest of hopes.

I may also be streaming this year too with TVN...something else im looking into, I know nothing about streaming either and I wasnt a huge fan of jumping on that bandwagon, but I got tossed another decent offer for that too. Danny and I might join forces on that so we can utilize multiple video cameras.

Busy times busy times...storm season is just around the corner. I hope everyone is ready rather than in scramble mode like I am. Im excited as hell though and cant wait to get out there!!! I was able to at least enjoy some GR3 action last week, before my stupid laptop decided to crap out on me...AGAIN. Im not too happy about having to dish out a large chunk of cash for a new one...but its time...

Thats all for now.

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Anonymous said...

New site is raw, but I love the pic :)