Sunday, February 8, 2009

Potential chase on Weds the 11th

Theres been allot of hype in the chaser community about the days ahead. Indeed they do appear quite active. The system I mentioned in my blog on the 1st looks to indeed provide a chase-able setup.

After pouring over the models I would have to make my preliminary target in this area:

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Of course this is based off my local bias. This doesn't mean this is the area that has the best chance for action, its just the area that would work for me given my means.

More detailed explanation and analysis to come later. I just got my laptop back so I need to get it up and running to chase level. Especially if things verify. It may be worth taking a half day of work to go chase some foggy HP rockets to test everything out and curb the SDS before the real action of spring begins.

At the very least, I have some local thunderstorms to look forward to this week.

More to come...

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Dann Cianca said...

Put on your SDS goggles and take'er home, baby!!! You won't regret it in the morning ...