Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well, looking outside one wouldn't know it. We got about 2 inches of fresh lake effect on the ground now with some lingering flurries. While today isn't the official start of spring [the equinox] it is considered to be the start of meteorological spring. Daylight savings is in another week, which will provide us with another hour of daylight chasing time.

Looking at the patterns ahead, a few days ago there was hopes for a weekend chase in OK or KS, right now the setup looks less intense. However, some spring like air will move in this way and we will see temps in the 50s for multiple days, perhaps even approaching 60! This will come with some jucier air courtesy of the gulf, and bring the chance for some more local thunderstorms, nothing too impressive severe wise....but a storm is a storm! Longer range GFS shows a potentially active pattern in the making, spring is right on schedule!

As far as all my projects go....phhht. Being sick for over 2 weeks, and hitting road block after road block after road block with the PC stuff, plus shitty weekend weather week after week. Im way behind...but...the new laptop should be here tomorrow or tuesday, the PC re installation discs have arrived, and if I dont chase this weekend, it will be warm enough to hopefully finish the work on the truck. Things should be completed soon.

Also, I purchased my own domain name, and signed up for website hosting at A real Aerostorms site will be in the making, likely not being compelted for quite some time though, I still have a means to blog and document, the active season is just around the corner...and Ive got much more important projects to complete first. It is exciting though, to think about having my own space on the www.

My time of the year is here, its hard to describe the level of excitement Im feeling to get back out there! This will be a good year, I have a new aggressive chase plan, a more capable vehicle, more contacts in the field and hopefully...better functioning equipment.

Cheers to a productive and successful 2009 spring for everyone!

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Michael W. Moss said...

Adam from what I can tell on the long range patterns, there looks to be a couple of opportunties. Regardless a MUCH warmer overall pattern is coming in and that will make all your snow melt and at least make things feel very good outside.

My latest on the warmup coming: