Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chase log from 3-23-09

Well it took a couple days but I finally finished the chase log from Monday in Kansas. is where it can be found. It was a very exciting chase and Im glad I went. Its nice to know that no matter what happens, 2009 wont go down with me not seeing any tornadoes. Although I was not really convinced based on what I saw, but so many other chasers confirmed it as well as the NWS office in ICT. I remember watching the rotation and mentioning that I wouldnt be surprised if it reached the ground...but I always like to be able to confirm with my eyes.

The current weather pattern is an active one, allot of severe weather going on down south. I will be watching the weekend and where things set up. Depending on how it comes together, I may head to my brothers house in Frankfort, KY for a weekend chase.

Other than actual chasing things have still been busy. Ive signed on with TVN for streaming, and am trying to get that up and running, as well as working on several projects relating to the chase truck. I ordered all terrain tires for it and today received an email saying they were out of stock and it would be a month before they got more. ugh.

The weather around here looks miserable for nearly a week, hopefully I can use this time to catch up, that is...if I dont chase Saturday.

Congrats to everyone who bagged on Monday. Allot of chasers were out and there were a few instances where I got angry because some ignoramouses blocked the road infront of me by not pulling off into the shoulder, i got them on video for when I feel like making an issue out of it. It almost makes me not look forward to May.

Thats all for now.


Michael W. Moss said...

This weekend severe forecast is becoming VERY complicated! Too many factors, including morning storms along the Gulf Coast, Moisture Return, yadda yadda. I'm looking at an area between Lexington, KY and Columbus, OH for possible Saturday Chase

Dann Cianca said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Great pics!