Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blame the sun?

I wonder if I should blame the sun for this crappy pattern we have been stuck in for nearly 2 weeks now. Solar flares are none! It certainly is good evidence for those who believe global temperatures can be affected by solar activity. I know little on the subject, but find it interesting.

As i sit here and type this its 42 degrees and raining, the same scenario has been played out here too long, and will continue to do so. Should I blame the blocking pattern way up north thats keeping the cooler air mass south...the sub tropical jet for parking its ass down near texas....or maybe god just hates me because I havent been to church in like 10 years [not counting weddings and funerals.]

Maybe mother nature is a cranky old bitch....if she were a person shed probably be 500 pounds and is likely a 40 year old virgin. Maybe shes trying to get a piece from old man winter?

Either way...I wont miss this pattern when it ends. These damn cold fronts keep cutting off the gulf...making every setup devoid of moisture and all wind driven shallow convection....oh sure I wouldnt bitch so much if we would at least get some thunder but with the jet hanging down by texas as I mentioned above...the storms track south of here and we get stuck on the cold side...brining possible snow into the mix.

I know I shouldnt complain as others in the country have it far worse...but still. Its spring time...i crave storms and active weather. I can deal with this shit in winter but now its time for nature to deliver.

April shobers bring May supercells....thats what im hoping. Sooner or later this pattern is gonna have to come north...and Ill be waiting.

Hope everyones 09 is off to a good start though. If it werent for 3/23 id probably be in a mental institution by now.

Added some more 2008 logs to the website. Including everyones favorite day, May 23rd...go read about my dumbass getting stuck in the mud and missing the quinter show.

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