Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thats how it looks like May will open. Ive never been fan of zonal flow but it could be worse.

It wont be totally boring though, there does look like there could be some chaseable systems within this. Though these are not ideal setups, if anything it will keep the SPCers at home who wont chase if the day 1 gives a 2% risk. Many times days like these start off as a lower end threat but can evolve greater than expected....or maybe Adam is wishcasting again?

I look forward to the peak of the season but Im already feeling gloomy that it is half over and I havent scored a good tornado yet. I cant complain though, so far 2009 is kicking 2008s ass for me. Ive got tons of good pictures and some wicked hail video. This time last year I had 5 chases with barely any photos and only crappy video. 2008 ended up being my best year yet and so far this year is on track to beat it.

The chase logs from this weekend are up. Check out the site.

For now the chase lull might give me a chance to catch up on some things, work some overtime to get more money for chase gear I desperately need.

Im not looking forward to the May crowds though. I try not to get mad because I know everyone has a right to be there...and I always tell people to follow their passion...but some of these people are SPC chasers that just follow the convoy around. It irks me to see them bag tornadoes with little or no effort...but I cant focus too much on them...I need to worry about me.

My own personal solution was to equip my truck so I can get off the paved roads and down the dirty back roads that these chasers chasing in their pretty little fuel efficient cars wouldnt dare tread down.

This past Saturday it worked. I was able to break away from the convoy, head down a dirt road, stop infront of an amazing stacked plates meso and just sit there for almost 30 minutes just us and the storm...starting into it with thunder and lightning flashing all around. It reminded me of what chasing is about and I seized every second of it.

Sure enough when we got back to paved roads....there was everybody.

Time to get ready to head into the peak. The true monsters of May and June are about to show their faces!

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Timothy said...

Hey Adam...Your chase site looks real good! I finally have it saved under my Looks like you had a somewhat good time on ur last chase adventure, at least you saw some killer hail and cloud features, but that does suck not seeing a tornado...There's still hope. I see the weather channel is going to be out chasing for 6 weeks starting on the 10th of May...that might be pretty cool, lol. keep up the good work