Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here it comes

The pattern change I mentioned last week and that has been watched closely by all us weather folk will begin to commence tomorrow. We wont feel it here yet but we could be looking at 80s by Friday and Saturday!

Before I begin...my chase log from 4-18-09 is up on my site. It was a fun chase sampling all the different hail cores and I got some of that photogenic structure I love. White shelf backlit by a green core. www.aerostorms.com

Im having a weird issue where my menus wont work...but only on my PC and when I use firefox...it works on every other persons PC ive talked to with all browsers...Ill never understand technology lol.

Anyways, Im looking forward to some potential chasing Friday and Saturday...maybe even into Sunday and for a time it was thought even into the work week. There are large model differences though, more so than usual. GFS and the NAM though paint a good picture in Kansas for Saturday. Fridays threat could be more warm frontal in nature.

The gulf is about to open wide and spill its generous moisture over a large chunk of the lower 48. This will in turn yeild a large area of potential instability. The key is going to be where all the fronts and boundaries set up...and thats what models are having difficulty doing right now. I think tomorrow they will get a better handle on the pattern once it begins to take shape.

Ill say this though, the thought of dewpoints over 60 is a welcome thought. All the setups this year have been trumped by meager moisture and what could have been big tornado days were mere dust whirl type events that stir up chaser drama. So this time it looks like we have a shot for some bonafied naders!

Anyways, i threw this up on my site as where I think the action will be...with the darker area being my area of main interest right now.

View Chase 4-24-25-09 in a larger map

In other news i FINALLY got my stream working. Like i suspected it was that piece of shit manycam app that kept it from working. I uninstalled that garbage and tried the other app and everything fired right up the first time. However I dont know how to get the damn thing in live mode and thus dont know how to make my stream viewable on the web. There is no check box or anything to switch over the mode. So I will take care of that before the weekend.

Thats all for now. Lets hope this weekend pattern yeilds 2009s first good tube fest!

P.S. Sorry for the wacky font...for some reason the google map changed it and I cant get it to change back...like I said...I never will get technology!!!

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Michael W. Moss said...

It will be interesting to watch my friend and the next formidiable storm may actually come from the NORTH and affect more northern areas (Including Chicago) later on in the weekend.

Happy Chasing! Let's see if I get an actual tornado this time instead of a kick ass wall cloud lol