Sunday, April 12, 2009

At least itll be warmer right?

Terrible tragedy this past Friday with the EF-3 [possibly EF-4] hitting Murhpeesboro, and then the Mena, AR tornado as well before that. Sadly there were casualties in both storms, but surprisingly there werent more. There always seem to be allot of fatalities in this region...and its not like tornadoes are that uncommon. Especially in the past couple years.

Spring for me has pretty much sucked. No storms around these parts, just wave after wave of crappy cold rain, and yet another one heading our way in less than 24hrs.

All I want to do is chase. Im so envious of those who live in more active regions. When I can, I will be down there. If i could id pack my shit and leave tonight.

Right now there is nothing to get excited about, im seein what looks like an omega type block on the models later this week, so no dice there. Im hoping for at least just a rumble of thunder tomorrow, but thats not likely either since the damn lows keep wanting to track by the OH river.

Not all is a waste though, I finally got my grille guard installed on the chase vehicle. We had our nicest weekend here since I can remember, and when I say nice I mean temps in the mid to upper 40s with no rain lol.

Im closer to getting my stream up and running with TVN, but technology hates me and of course each time i fix one problem a new one comes up. I really like their setup except for this stupid manycam application that looks like it belongs on a childrens farm animal book...and that is the thing giving me issues. Hopefully this lengthy down spell will see me resolving this issue.

And...temperatures will be springlike for most of the week and into the weekend, so that will be nice, I can enjoy being outside at least. My summer home is supposed to open this weekend but go figure it looks like it might rain with a borderline chase setup around Friday for the plains...might not be significant enough to warrant the effort though.

Its also interesting i havent seen any chaser video from Friday...u know its a bad year when the best video comes from joe public who should be seeking shelter instead of standing on their porch forming a tornado destorying their neighborhood....but i wont get into that right now.


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Michael W. Moss said...

Yeah alot of So Pal (Southern) Tracks lately. Cold air keeps trying to win and these lows get pulled into Canada and cut themselves off and with the high to their NW and another low to the west in most cases, the cold air just keeps draining. But, the fact the cold air keeps sticking around let's us know that the "Real" season hasn't began just yet. Indianapolis's last freeze average is May 10, so hang in there man! I've barely missed Two EF3 Tornadoes this year and what could have been a sure thing last Sunday