Friday, April 24, 2009

This weekends chase and a working stream!

Im going to take a trip to Kinkos and print myself out a "Worlds Biggest Idiot" award.

I FINALLY got my stream working. The magic trick that made it work? Hit the start button after going through setup to put it in live mode...who would have thought. The manycam application I mentioned earlier is pure garbage which was another problem I fixed by installing the other supported application...maxcam.

I probably wont have time to put the stream on my website. So those who wish to view it have to go through TVNs main website and find me out of the bunch. Since I Just got it working and Im leaving tonight for a chase I will probably have it run the whole time, to get a feel for any connection issues and whatnot. So no complaining if you tune in and see nothing but asphalt or Danny doing the YES dance.

As for the chase. The stupid GFS has trended towards the NAMs crappier solution now. Pushing the action further away...but at least not totaly killing the chances for a good tornado. Right now the plan will be to head to ICT by hopefully 9am...power nap for a couple hours then head over to somewhere around Buffalo, OK and go from there. Likely finding a hotel in the area Sat night and chasing Sunday in the same areas perhaps a bit more east into the TX.OK panhandles. All of that will be determined as the event unfold of course.

Weather is a bitch...all year weve had these amazing shear setups but no moisture and instability...we finally get the moisture and instability and now all the shear and other parameters are out of whack.....ugh.

Either way Im looking forward to 2 days of good chasing this weekend, at the very least Ill get some more hail and photogenic structure! Good luck to all heading out!

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Michael W. Moss said...

I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I'll try to "Watch" for yas on the map :) Happy hunting! Adam is chasing. ME LIKE!