Monday, March 16, 2009


For things to pick up again. The weather pattern has been slow and boring, which has been the 2009 season so far. Compared to last year, its very slow to start.

Its not a total loss though, with the break in weather activity Ive been able to get more work done on the website and in other areas. I managed to get some more chase logs up today as well as some other content so feel free to check out

I still haven't chosen a streaming service, to be honest im sick of all the political drama going on about streaming would think a hobby filled with 90% men wouldn't have so much soap opera drama. Oh well.

I attended the advanced spotter training this past weekend like I do every year. I enjoyed the talks and learned a couple new things, also heard about some new technologies too that I may look into.

Even when slow...still busy! The GFS has hinted at a pattern change that may send more active weather our to finish the crunch!

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