Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Much I hate Danny

Ok I dont...he just asked me what Im blogging about and that was my response...

Currently driving back from OKC with Ben and Danny. I really enjoyed the trip. The main purpose of the trip was to get out there and meet allot of the big name faces that I have chatted with over the years. That goal was accomplished. Its nice to be able to put the faces along with all the online babble. I had a really good time at Steves house with everyone! Hopefully it will happen again.

The weather fest was fun. It was cool to see the main building where allot of the nations weater stuff goes down. Especially the SPC. Ive never actually visited the OKC area - only driven through it on my way to the target area. I really liked the area and how everything was laid out. I definitely belong down there.

That being said I need to try and find a way to make that happen. With all the free time in the world I need to really focus on what I can do as a chaser and a person to make things better and to help myself become successful.

Saw some very very very distant lightning from storms moving south out of Kansas but I think it is now the time where I mentally prepare myself to not see any storms until late February which is typically when Chicago gets its first thunder and lightning. Its going to be a long winter but Ive got lots of projects to keep me busy.

First and foremost - the promo at a local best Buy in Elgin! I will post more details once Im home.

On a side note: Ben adopted Steves cat and it just took a shit so the whole truck smells like ass - plus the 3 of us just ate jack-n-the-box so Id say this truck is at a level 4 biohazard at the moment.

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