Monday, November 16, 2009

The Meet N Greet

The meet and greet was fun and pretty much what I expected.

The public turnout wasn't all that high. I'd say probably 30-40 people over the course of the 5 hours. We did have a nice chaser turnout though, and at the very least its always nice to get together with fellow chasers to share stories and just BS.

The store did generate some good sales though as a result of people stopping by, I don't want to disclose the exact number, but it was in the thousands of dollars.

I had a few requests for business cards, one by a teacher who wants me to give a presentation to his class. A mother came by with her 5-6yr old son who absolutely loved what we had to show. He had a digital camera and recorded everything while he narrated. He took pics with all the vehicles and when his mom said it was time to go he protested. Most of the other guests were people who stopped by to check out some photos, share a story or 2 and then were gone after 5 minutes. I gave away photo prints to all of the kids.

Being able to reach out to the community in that way was nice, and it was rewarding to see how happy the kids were. Helping people save was a nice touch too, especially in this economy, if our event helped generate sales than that is definitely a good thing.

The weather was a limiting factor, quite breezy and pretty chilly. It is November though...we talked about setting up a similar event when its warmer out...but with warmer weather comes the possibility of a chase, and thus harder for us to commit. We were also setup in the corner of the parking lot, so allot of people simply just didn't notice us. I think a setup closer to the front of the store would have increased turn out some.

The important thing was reaching out and making some more contacts. I'm still a nobody in the chasing world so for me to think this would be a huge event is foolish. Its all about starting out small, reaching out to the local community and getting yourself known. I look forward to potentially doing more of these.

On the weather front - the goofus isnt showing any real snow here for awhile and that makes me happy. Bring on the el nino mild and dry winter!

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