Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Local Best Buy Meet-n-Greet!

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This Sunday, November 15th! Come on out and meet Me, Danny, Skip and other local chasers! Time of the event is 10am - 3pm. The location is shown below.

424 Randall Rd
South Elgin, IL 60177

This is an experimental idea that Matt came up with. The idea behind it is to show off the technology used to track storms to hopefully promote sales at the store.

Oh, and did I mention there will be a special 1 day only chance to save up to 15% on electronic purchases?! Well there is!

So I'm looking forward to the event. It will either be a really fun time where people can come out, ask questions, share stories and save on a purchase...or we will be sitting under a tent for 5hrs looking like fools as people go about their business. It will also be a good chance for me to promote myself and my site as well. You can't get known unless you market yourself and this is a good place to start.

I'm sure some will have choice opinions on the matter and quite frankly I could care less. This is what I want to do and how I want do it. End of story. Chasing is my life - I want to be known for it.

Current weather forecasts don't favor the event much. Seasonal temps which all are used to wont be the issue but it looks like it might be pretty windy with a slight chance of rain. So hopefully 2009 wont continue to screw me and we will get the nicer end of the forecast.

If any new important info arises I will be sure to post it - until then I look forward to meeting whoever comes out!

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