Monday, November 2, 2009

Oklahoma Bound

I will be heading down there for the National Weather festival.

I'm looking forward to the trip, to meet some new faces and big names within the field. The added bonus will be getting away from the dismal weather which 2009 has been constantly delivering the midwest it seems.

Since my time off hasn't allowed me to actually go out and chase, I figure networking and sort of marketing myself is the next best way to go. I've taken a couple days off from working on my site to give my brain a rest. As I've stated many times I am a total tech tard and it takes time for me to wrap my mind around some of this stuff. I am pleased to say I'm making progress though. Too bad "self educated" doesn't hold any weight on a job resume. Which IMO is stupid.

People who teach themselves often do so with a greater desire to learn as opposed to those who are force fed it every day. One thing I hated about school was being forced to take classes that had nothing to do with my major [when I went.] I don't like the idea of them trying to force me to be a well rounded individual. I accomplished that on my own.

Anyways, Im looking forward to trip. Hopefully it will storm down there but all indications point to sunny warm weather...darn. Is it any wonder I belong there and not here.

OH, DUH...speaking of marketing. I will be participating in a promo at a local Best Buy, presumably on Nov 15th but the date has yet to be confirmed. The funny thing is, technology is the main angle to promote sales at the store. I am the least technologically advanced chaser out there...but Ive got enough flare to attract people I guess. More details on that to come.

I also ordered a laptop mount for the truck finally. I'm moving up in the world.

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